Multiple accounts on twitter and within the crypto-community have been mentioning a highly remarkable & advanced use of NFT (Non Fungible Token) crypto-tech on one of SpaceX’s tremendously anticipated missions, notably the ‘DOGE-1 mission to the Moon…’

From SpaceX’s original press release, we noted & lifted these remarkable quotes:

“Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC) announced the first-ever commercial lunar payload in history paid entirely with DOGE — will launch aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.”

“Additional payload space will be allocated to include digital art in the form of space plaques provided by GeometricLabs Corporation and Geometric Gaming Corporation.”


This has made rumours of a possible publicity stunt quickly accelerate in several crypto-oriented telegram groups. Especially, since Tom Ochinero, vice president of commercial sale of SpaceX has been telling CNBC “Doge-1 will demonstrate the application of cryptocurrency beyond Earth orbit and set the foundation for interplanetary commerce.” These are not words to be taken lightly, if coming from a company run by Elon Musk…

It is clear SpaceX is looking to generate more funds through more actively involving crypto-currency, as well as its underlying blockchain-technology. Also notable is the simple fact, Elon Musk currently is in a relationship with Canadian singer Grimes. Claire Boucher (her real name) is also very much involved into the NFT art scene, as she is generally perceived as one of the top 10 NFT artists, globally.


So, it makes sense Elon Musk is not only interested in helping meme-coins like Dogecoin to the moon; He most likely has been playing around with the many possibilities NFTs bring space exploration. It certainly is one other tool to generate more interest from a wide scope of people, from investors to creators. Moreover, there is a bulk of links to be found among people like SpaceX’s Tom Ochinero and companies actively involved in generating publicity in space.

Though this is a relatively new area, it is perfectly imaginable to have publicity signs on the side of rockets being launched. Especially, when all the eyes of the world are observing specific launches. What better moment to start than with the Doge-1 mission?

So crypto-enthusiasts have now obviously taken it one step further, after tying together some remarkable discoveries and data; It has everyone dreaming a little bit more…


What if you could put publicity directly on a satellite, which then could be observed from Earth? It would place the NFT artwork or publicity physically on the designated satellite. Hence, the above mentioned payload? This could then be observed from Earth (or elsewhere), if one easily has access to & can communicate with the satellite location. A lightbulb should be going off in your head by now…

One could even go as far as attaching physical carriers to several satellites and make combined artworks or publicity hop from one satellite to another… The possibilities are sheer endless, if you let your imagination go a little. One might even consider ‘drones in space’ within a typical gaming framework, bringing about ever more cool interactions with Earth and its nearby satellites. Except for fun, it makes for a great extra resource to get humanity to Mars & beyond. And crypto is the ideal tech to turn such dreams into reality, as well as run required operations smoothly.


How ‘far out’ these ideas may be, remains to be seen. However, they all share one characteristic: one must be able to locate the specific artwork or publicity. One needs coordinates, one needs tools to be able to observe ‘art in orbit’… Someone who wants to interact with the satellite(s) to put publicity or art on them, must have an easy way to do so.

In/come: the so-called Spacecoins. Not to be confused with Spacecoin ($SPACE). The Spacecoins we are talking about, simply have 4 Greek names. Each one helping us with an aspect of either location or image quality. Respectively, Rho, Kappa, Gamma & Beta.


On each of their respective sites, we find following words: “Present on the exposed surfaces and live-streamed from a satellite to be placed in LEO in JUNE 2022, these pixel’s hue (KAPPA), luminosity (GAMMA), X-Axis (BETA) and Y-Axis (RHO) locations are acquired in exchange for the aforementioned tokens.” There is no doubt in our mind we are onto something very exciting here… Things should be clear enough for any crypto-enthusiast to dig in, a little further, as this signals the beginning of a new era in space, publicity, art and gaming combined. Find all relevant links below this article.


Our wildest guesses picture a LED on each side of the satellite, or at least one. Elon Musk did mention he was going to put the first meme in space… So maybe that is the final piece of our puzzle? Maybe Doge will be the first ever publicity in space? The first art in orbit? Our guesses are as good as yours. But something is up! You just need to tie some facts together & we all know Elon Musk doesn’t tend to fool about too long. Most of the times, just enough to tickle our imagination & to get all of humanity onboard for a magical discovery of space… Space Coins may very well be a first set of keys opening the doors to a new era in commercial space exploration. Nothing is certain at this point, but we invite you to further discover with us!

Check this video from Chico Crypto to get a quick but profound overview of aforementioned facts:

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